Watch some videos shot in the southern part of Finland. More to see on my Vimeo site. I do shoot H.264 video, RAW video and RAW timelapse/ stopmotion sequences, use stitching techniques and create animation with image elements in 3D.  I keep my eyes open and try to shoot wherever I move, in nature or urban environment. I have a large stock of video clips, mostly from the nature in Finland. If you want to know more about my video projects or need to hire me please send a request with the Contact form. For clips inside a video, please refer to the timeline on the video. I work with H.264 and RAW video up to a size of 1920x1080p, and with H.264 up to 4K. I have also a potential for shooting 4K in 4:2:2 10-bit. RAW time-lapse and animation can easily be made in 4K. I use software like Photoshop CC, Davinci Resolve, Magic Lantern, PicturesToExe and more.

The following video is entirely based on RAW video and has therefore more dynamic range than ordinary H.264 video:

The following video is a mixture of techniques mentioned above and does include 3D-animation with image elements:

This video is a mixture of RAW and H.264 video: