It’s about photography. I practice it mostly in the southern part of Finland where I live. My location is near Helsinki. I was introduced to photography at home when I was young and I bought my first SLR in the 70’s.

I became an R&D engineer and worked developing dental chairs for a few decades. In my youth I build a hot-air balloon out of brown package paper that took a passenger. We flew it near our summer cottage. Later I became a real hot-air balloon pilot and have now operated balloons for three decades. But with the digital development, my photography started for real.

My passion is to hike in nature or to go boating in the archipelago. My camera is always with me. After a long business life, I now give photography more time. What does this mean? I found that I need to show something of my very large photography stuff. I have hundred of thousand images, timelapse-sequences, HDR-images, videos and other multimedia stuff. Furthermore, photographic techniques that I have developed. To support this I created a small business named AV-CREO some years ago.

So I must then be the big photographer? Hardly, but I think I work with the same passion as many successful photographers. I have got some prices in nature photo competitions and have had some photo exhibitions. But how can any evaluate my work if I don’t show it. That’s one reason why I created this site. My work is multilateral, maybe even too much. But I’m driven by many ideas and what interests me for the moment.

I occasionally work on a change in locations I learned to know back years. To find the best natural light is one of the most important things. But I also plan photo sessions carefully and it’s not unusual that I stay for 4-5 hours in the same location in the middle of the night, any season of the year. This is not always without risks and I have had some misadventures because of the forces of nature. After all, aerial photography from a hot-air balloon might be one of the safest ways to take pictures.

Maybe I shouldn’t tell more about my photography, I leave it to you to evaluate. So what can I offer you? If you are interested in my images please be in contact. Maybe we can have a mutual exhibition? Or maybe I can do a multimedia presentation or commercial for you? Until you will be in contact I will go on with my passion.

Jan Fröjdman