Under the Portfolio menu you find some sample videos for panning video based on still images. The 3D process used is very useful for rare location videos where it is difficult to take steady panning videos or where the quality of the video would be low. With the 3D process based on high-quality RAW images the quality of the panning video will also be good. The method can be compared to RAW video. Most of the images used in the first sample video were taken through the window of a regular airline and in the second sample video you find a video based on images from planet Mars.

I have taken hundreds of aerial images, some of them seen here, that can be used for panning videos (also images taken from a hot air balloon). The panning direction can be from left to right or from right to left. The frame rate can be any (e.g. 24, 25, 30, 50, 60 fps) and the video size can be up to 4K (if the original image quality allow). I roughly know where these images were taken (if not showing clouds), and there are hundreds more. I have aerial images from Finland (e.g. Gulf of Finland, Utö, Jurmo), Sweden, Norway, Denmark, England (e.g. London), Scotland, Ireland, Germany (e.g day and night over Berlin and Frankfurt), Greenland, Canada, USA etc. – locations where I have been flying. Windmills among low clouds, oil platforms, ships, nightly views of urban locations and more..

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